North Star Pet Resort offers overnight lodging for dogs, cats, and small exotics such as ferrets, birds, guinea and rabbits. We cannot board reptiles at this time.

Our staff goes the extra mile to provide the best care possible, in a clean and safe environment that your pet will love. It’s like a vacation for your pet when you travel.

We offer many add on options ranging from daily massage to a frozen treat see our extras page for details.

  • Check in times are 12pm – 4pm
  • Check out times are 7am – 11am.

Any check out that happens after 11am is subject to a half day boarding charge.

What to bring for your pets stay:

  • Food: We ask that you bring enough food/treats/medications for your pet’s stay plus 2 additional days. It is recommended to pre measure each meal into individual zip lock bags or containers.
    • Meal times are 7am , 12pm and 7pm.
  • Medications: If your pet requires daily medications please bring enough for your pets stay along with 2 additional days. Put medications into a pill organizer putting each daily dose into the correct slots.
    • For an additional fee our management staff can also do this
  • Toys/Blankets/Beds: You’re welcome to bring anything that will make your pets stay with us more comfortable.

* Please remember that your pet may chew up things they normally wouldn’t at home. Being in a new environment may cause them to be nervous and chew their bedding or toys. We are not responsible for any lost, damaged or ingested belongings.

***Photos to come***

Holidays at the resort.

We know the holidays can be stressful especially when boarding your pet. Our staff goes the extra mile to make sure your pet enjoys the holidays while you’re away. We offer Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. We also post Holiday themed photos of our guests to our facebook page.

*** Holiday photos***