Daycare (Playgroups):

Just like us, dogs are social creatures that thrive from the right experiences with other pets. Our Pet Resort is designed specifically to provide a stimulating, yet safe experience for your dog, alongside personalized attention that allows them to learn, grow and enjoy themselves.

How it works:

All dogs are given a playgroup assessment prior to entering any playgroup to determine their play style and ensure they are a safe addition to our playgroup family.

The evaluation process:

You will drop your dog off with us at 10am. We will assign your dog their own daycare lodge for the day. These lodges are 5ft long by 3ft wide. We will provide a blanket and water in each daycare lodge. Your dog will go into their lodge for 30 minutes before the evaluation begins. This is to help the pet “reset” after leaving you. We will then start the evaluation by assessing how your dog does with human interactions. Providing they feel comfortable with that, we will then start bringing dogs into the indoor daycare area. We start with our calmest dog and end with our most rambunctious dog. This is to determine your pets comfort level and play styles.

North Star Pet Resort uses Doggie Daycare 2.0 play style which provides physical as well as mental stimulation.

What to expect once your pet passes the evaluation:

North Star Pet Resort offers playgroups Monday – Saturday. We start playgroup sessions each day at 9am. You are welcome to drop off as early as 7am. We do not accept playgroup dogs after 12pm. We offer a rotation schedule. Your pet will get an hour of play time with their friends. Then a solo rest period for 1 hour. We do this rotation from 9am – 6pm.

  • Just as you may be tired after a busy day, dogs who spend the day playing may be very tired when you pick them up. This is normal. We do our best to fill your dog’s day with opportunities for the best activities.
  • Dogs may be unusually hungry or thirsty on daycare days. They have an ample supply of water both inside and outside. We cannot force dogs to drink but we make sure there is plenty of clean fresh water in the playgroup as well as in their resting space. Running and playing can also work up quite an appetite. You’re welcome to bring lunch for them. We offer feeding at 12pm every day.
  • Dogs play with their feet and mouths. Dogs have nails, if you notice when your dog jumps on you it may leave a scratch. This is the same concept when dogs play with each other. They may get scrapes, scratches or even punctures when wrestling. These marks may be more noticeable on short coated/lighter colored breeds. Just like kids on a playground this happens even in play and even when supervised. There is no way to avoid this. If this is a major concern for you, a playgroup may not be a good fit for your dog.
  • Playgroups can be indoor or outdoor each day. This means on rainy days your dog is likely to get dirty or even muddy. We do not offer complimentary bathing services. Please be prepared to bring a towel for your vehicle for the ride home. Should your dog get very muddy a staff member may call you to offer an optional bath at an additional cost to you.
  • We strive to provide a safe, fun environment for each dog to play in. If at any point your dog is deemed unsuitable for playgroup, you will be notified immediately. We do our best to diligently warn you of any issues as we become concerned about them.
  • Accidents can happen and injuries/illness can occur; that is the risk of dogs playing together. As it states in our policies paperwork North Star Pet Resort and its staff is not responsible for accidents/illness that occur during playgroups with other dogs. The risk is quite low, but it is the same concept as children going to daycare and playing on a playground and interacting with other children.
  • All daycare days must be scheduled. We cannot accept walk-ins. Please call before
  • All dogs 10 months of age must be spayed or neutered in order to continue participating in playgroups.
  • It is your responsibility to keep your dog up to date on all vaccines as well as lice/flea prevention.
  • All playgroup dogs must be picked up no later than 6pm or be subject to a late fee.

Day Boarding

North Star Pet Resort also offers a day boarding option for dogs that are still intact(not spayed or neutered), shy, less dog social or suffer from anxiety. They may benefit from one on one attention from understanding, knowledgeable staff.