North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska
North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska
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Welcome to North Star Pet Resort

In June 2017, we launched a highly-anticipated and exciting new component of North Star! Our new Pet Resort. We offer pet boarding, dog daycare and grooming.

Our Dog Daycare offers a truly rewarding play and social experience to the dogs of Palmer!

We wanted to ensure that pets from Palmer and beyond had access to this incredible resource and are proud to offer the following

North Star Pet Resort | Palmer, Alaska
North Star Pet Resort | Palmer, Alaska
  • Dog Lodging (boarding) which includes frequent potty breaks and at least one enrichment activity per day.
  • Cat Lodging (boarding) which includes one-on-one play time.
  • Small Pet (boarding) for cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, mice, rats and gerbils.
  • Off-leash play groups with an enrichment focus! The dogs who take part in this exercise benefit physically and mentally from our interactive and stimulating games.
  • Grooming services range from basic baths to full-grooms and help your pet look and feel their absolute best!
  • A social experience where local dogs can get to know one another!
  • Games led by our Resort Attendants, designed to provide a fun, stimulating and safe experience.
  • Resort Attendants utilizing verbal cues, body blocking and proactive intervention to manage group interactions, ensuring that play time stays healthy and beneficial for all pets.
  • Mental stimulation provided by games and leadership exercises designed to challenge and stimulate your dog in new and exciting ways.
  • Individual care and attention that comes with personalized staff efforts to get to understand and know your dog. This personalized attention is highly-rewarding for your dog and gives us insight into the best techniques for games and approaches to socialization.
  • Dogs are also given an early evaluation to determine their play style and ensure that they will be a safe addition to the play group and our Doggie Daycare 2.0 play style, which provides an off-leash play experience!
North Star Pet Resort | Palmer, Alaska

Just like us, dogs are social creatures and thrive from the right experiences with other pets. Our Pet Resort is designed specifically to provide a stimulating, yet safe experience for your dog, alongside personalized attention that allows them to learn, grow and enjoy themselves.

If you want to learn more about our Pet Resort and Doggie Daycare off-leash experience, we welcome you to email us at or call us at (907) 746-7381!

North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska

11850 E Palmer Wasilla Hwy.
Palmer, Alaska, 99645
Phone: (907) 746-7381
Fax: (907) 746-7388

North Star Pet Resort
Hours of Operation

Monday: 7AM – 6PM
Tuesday: 7AM – 6PM
Wednesday: 7AM – 6PM
Thursday: 7AM – 6PM
Friday: 7AM – 6PM
Saturday: 7AM – 6PM

Sunday: 9AM — 12PM
 reopens 4:30PM —6:30PM

Proud member of the Dog Gurus

The Dog Gurus | North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska

Our off-leash playgroups are focused on fun and the well-being of your dog. Providing a safe, positive social play experience for your pet is our priority. We are committed to understanding group dog behavior and educating all our staff on safe and humane management techniques. Your dog will love playing with dog buddies of similar size and play style. During play your dog benefits physically from exercise and mentally from obedience games. We are proud members of The Dog Gurus, the best educational resource available on off-leash dog play, and have taken their Dog Play Safety Pledge as our commitment to keeping your dog safe. You and your dog will love the difference in our playgroups where safety and fun is the measure of success.