Just like us, dogs are social creatures that thrive from the right experiences with other pets. Our Pet Resort is designed specifically to provide a stimulating, yet safe experience for your dog, alongside personalized attention that allows them to learn, grow and enjoy themselves.

* Resort Requirements

We require all pets be up to date on vaccines prior to entering our facility. This is for your pet’s safety as well as the safety of the other pets in our care.


* Rabies, Distemper-Parvo and Boredetella (kennel cough)

How it works: All dogs are given a playgroup assessment prior to entering any playgroup to determine their play style and ensure they are a safe addition to our playgroup family. North Star Pet Resort uses Doggie Daycare 2.0 play style which provides physical as well as mental stimulation. We are committed to ensuring your pet is also given the proper rest periods throughout the day to avoid over exhaustion.

*All dogs over 7 months of age must be spayed or neutered to be entered into any playgroup.

Day Boarding

North Star Pet Resort also offers a daycare package for dogs that are still intact (not spayed or neutered), shy, less dog social, have a medical condition, recovering from surgery, or suffer from anxiety. They may benefit from one on one attention from understanding, knowledgeable staff.

Client Forms

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North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska

11850 E Palmer Wasilla Hwy.
Palmer, Alaska, 99645
Phone: (907) 746-7381
Fax: (907) 746-7388

North Star Pet Resort
Hours of Operation

Monday: 7AM – 6PM
Tuesday: 7AM – 6PM
Wednesday: 7AM – 6PM
Thursday: 7AM – 6PM
Friday: 7AM – 6PM
Saturday: 7AM – 6PM

Sunday: 9AM — 12PM
 reopens 4:30PM —7:30PM

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