Our emphasis is always on exceptional client service and a deep level of care that truly honors the specific needs of each individual pet or small animal we see. We provide our veterinarians and veterinary staff with rewarding employment and growth opportunities, while providing the pet owners of Palmer, Alaska with a single destination for all of their veterinary needs.

When you visit us, we start by reviewing your pet’s medical records to gain a comprehensive understanding of any past issues and their current health status. Then, we’ll proceed with a head-to-tail examination, paying close attention to any signs of discomfort or irregularities. If your pet is already in optimal health and feeling great, we’ll help to make sure that they stay that way!

If your pet is experiencing any pain or has a more severe issue at hand, we’ll focus on creating a solution that works. Sometimes this can be as simple as a dietary adjustment, while sometimes a more involved procedure is needed. No matter the case, you can trust that we’ll work to provide the best care possible, and work tirelessly to ensure that we have a plan ready to transition your pet to an optimal state of health.

Our History

North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska

North Star Animal Hospital was first opened by Dr. Beck and Dr. Henry in 2006. Both Dr. Beck and Dr. Henry envisioned a veterinary destination for the pet and animal owners of Palmer, while offering a reliable destination for any and all veterinary issues, whether it’s a routine check-up, an intensive surgical care procedure, preventative medicine or something else.

North Star has been thrilled to expand since our inception more than 10 years ago, and are now happy to provide an even wider range of services than ever before. This includes vaccinations, general wellness care and check-ups, X-rays, ultrasounds, laboratory testing, routine and emergency surgical procedures, nutritional dieting and counseling, internal medicine diagnostics, pain management and preventative medicine.

In June 2017, we launched a highly-anticipated and exciting new component of North Star! Our new Pet Resort (also referred to as Doggie Daycare 2.0) offers a truly rewarding play and social experience to the dogs of Palmer!

We invite you to learn more about our Pet Resort using the link below and you can also take a tour of this new extension of North Star by visiting us firsthand!

Our Mission

North Star Animal Hospital | Palmer, Alaska

“North Star Animal Hospital is Proud to Provide Personal and Compassionate Care for Pets and Their Families!”

Our mission is simple, yet it ties together all of the veterinary care that we provide here at North Star Animal Hospital. We continuously strive to provide comprehensive veterinary care that treats each and every pet we see like our very own family.

Our commitment is always to your total satisfaction and the comprehensive well-being of your pet.